Dukung kami untuk terus menyajikan serial liputan yang melayani masyarakat terpinggirkan dan mengawasi kekuasaan agar tidak ugal-ugalan.

Indonesia’s Vaccination Imbalance: Beyond Just Jakarta, Java, and Bali

In a speech to the United Nations in September 2021, President Jokowi noted that no country could win the fight against the pandemic on its own and said Indonesia would lend support to efforts to minimize inequalities in vaccine distribution.…

Permata Adinda15 Oct 2021

‘We’re Almost Dead’: In Papua, Covid Patient Numbers Surge while Vaccinations Stagnate

In Wamena, the city at the economic center of Papua’s central highlands, a mother of two stays home to avoid contracting Covid-19. The woman who asked to be identified as AB reminds everyone–family or visitor alike–to wash their hands before…

Asrida Elisabeth30 Aug 2021

Lost Livelihoods, Lost Lives in a Jakarta Neighborhood During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been out of control in Indonesia. Poor urban communities are facing worse conditions compared to the start of the pandemic. Many have lost their jobs, and thousands have lost their lives due to a lack of…

Permata Adinda15 Aug 2021