Between May 2021 and December 2022, Project M worked with 30 civil society organizations, some of which were also donors. The collaborations took various forms, including donor-grantee relations (Open Society Foundation, Kurawal Foundation, Google News Initiative, Media and Development Investment Fund), joint financing to cover certain topics (AJAR, Jatam), and partnerships in producing reports that served the marginalized and held those in power accountable (Trend Asia, Greenpeace Indonesia,, Market Forces).

We also worked with 20 local, regional, national, and international media outlets to report on high-risk issues. The collaborations aimed to share the risks and expand the impact of the reporting. The topics ranged from the Yogyakarta Sultanate’s land ownership to migrant worker trafficking in Batam.

Media outlets that have collaborated with Project M

Batam News
Batam Pos
Harian Kompas
Jawa Pos
Narasi TV


Felix Nesi


EU Pop
Kedutaan Belanda dan Kedutaan Kanada