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Exposing Indonesia’s Coal Oligarchs

Written by Photos & Text by Video by Written by Audio by
Viriya Singgih

4 February 2022

Ilustrasi (Project Multatuli/Louis Lugas)

Project Multatuli has created an interactive data story to help the public peel back the many layers of the coal oligarchy—the small group of men who control the dirty energy source—in Indonesia. The story is presented in the form of a game, in which players must answer questions about the businesses and networks of the nation’s 10 biggest coal oligarchs.

The oligarchs are businessmen, politicians, politicians with business backgrounds, businessmen with military experience, and public officials with military and business backgrounds. With their capital strength and political influence, they have been able to perpetuate their dirty energy enterprises for decades.

Play the game below to get to know each of them. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Researchers: Viriya Singgih, Mawa Kresna

Graphic designers: Muhammad Nauval Firdaus, Louis Lugas

Game developer: Louis Lugas

Translators: Viriya Singgih, Sebastian Partogi

This interactive data story is part of the #EnergiKotor (#DirtyEnergy) reporting series supported by Earth Journalism Network through its special collaborative journalism project “Available but Not Needed”, which brings together six media outlets and more than a dozen reporters across seven countries to explore how public and private investments continue to fund fossil fuel economies in Southeast Asia.

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